Hannah Stevens

Books & Writing

I write and publish fiction internationally.

Hannah Stevens

Creative Projects

As co-director of Wind&Bones CIC, I run projects in creative writing and creative thinking across the globe.

Hannah Stevens

Consultancy & Mentoring

I work with individual writers and organisations to offer consultancy and mentoring.

Who Am I?

I love stories: writing them, reading them and hearing them. People are infinitely interesting and curious and I enjoy learning about the incredible diversity and richness of human experience.

I have been writing and publishing fiction and nonfiction since 2012 and have a PhD in creative writing.

My writing, creative and education projects explore the meeting-places of writing, creativity and social change.

I have run creative writing workshops with the BBC, Greenpeace, the British Embassy and the Goethe Institut. Through my creative projects I have worked with female survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, activists, ex-political prisoners, young people and lots more!

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Stevens’ seemingly effortless prose brings her stories alive with devastating details that are both deeply authentic and agonisingly poignant… these stories are like jewels, small, but beautifully complex and bright.

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